Thursday, June 01, 2006

Oh Sweet Irony, Thy Name Is Tara Chace!

Well, this just figures. I highlighted Queen & Country #30 as my pick of the week, and was excited as hell to go pick it up today only to find that my local comic shop didn't order it for me. I am bummed to the max. They are re-ordering it tomorrow when she can call Diamond, but it just strikes me as ironic. It makes me wonder what would have happened if I wouldn't have shown off the great cover art. Would it have been there after all?

In other comic book shop news, as I was picking up my hubby and my books today, a guy came over and randomly pulled an issue of Liberty Meadows #37 off my stack and took off to the register with it. I had to go slow him down and let him know that he had just nicked my book. Rather then apologising and handing it back, he got rather peeved and wanted to know why I needed two copies. "One for me and one for my hubby", I replied.

He looked at me blankly for a moment, and then asked me if I could live with just one copy. I said "no" and was prepared to kick his motley ass if the occasion arose. Luckily, the nice lady at the shop intervened and informed him that Liberty Meadows was special order only and that I had patiently waited for the book for over a year. He still wanted to argue. She was even firmer that he needed to special order it. I finally got my book!

At any rate, to top it off, we received no copies of Tarot either, so it was a barn burner today. Damn.

ALSO.. it was the first week in over a year that I went to the comic book shop without my loving husband. If he would have been with me, maybe my luck would have improved, or he would have scared the guy with more success then I did.

Oh Sweet Irony.


Carl said...

Oh, that's a major, major pet peeve of mine. Not a pet peeve, more like a comic book geek act of rudeness that should be punishable by unspeakable acts of violence and perversion, then death. I have actually nearly growled at people touching my stack. My fave thing is when it's right in front of you and they reach and grab a book out of it like you are not there!!! And when my bride and I had our full-time collections going, we both got doubles, sometimes our entire stack would be nothing but doubles of each book! And I used to spend like $50 to $75 a week. We actually have usually lots of Q&C 'cause my dealer reads the book. I dropped out of it during the Great Hiatus of my jobless time and got it only up to 21 or so. Rucka's one of my fave writers, so far, he's delivered the goods and not lost it and Bendis'd out. Here's hoping he stays true...

Heidi Meeley said...

Carl, I don't know if it is good or bad that we have both had insensitive a-holes try and take our books. Maybe most fans have a sensitivity chip missing- that would explain a lot.

Jim and I buy doubles on some books because we have different ways of caring for them, and it drives Jim crazy that I will actually eat in the presence of my books. It makes our marriage more successful when we can each have our own!

I still don't have my copy of Q&C #30. The lady at the shop never called me back. I guess I can pray that Mile High has it. Otherwise, I will be an unhappy camper. I love that book and have read both the novels Rucka wrote about it.

Take care!